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The Court Company is here to help you with questions that may arise throughout the various phases of your squash court project.  We work with architects, builders, and owners around the world with no project being the same and no project being too big or too small.  With this in mind, we know questions will arise during the design, construction, and post-construction phases. If you have a question and you cannot find the answer on our website, we hope you will contact us for assistance. In the meantime, below are a few common questions we typically receive:

Q: What materials can The Court Company provide for my squash court?

We can provide as much or as little as required to finish out the interior of your squash court.  Such materials typically include the athletic wood floor system and the specialty glass system but most importantly….the main component is our pre-finished wood wall panels.  If you want to make your private squash court multi-functional, you should consider including our wallyball kits and/or Auto Hoop retractable basketball system into the court design.  To learn more about our products, click here.

Q: Does The Court Company provide installation services?

Yes, we have professional, experienced installation crews who travel around the United States installing our court products.  We have some of the most qualified installers in the industry since they typically have more than 15+ years experience in athletic court construction alone.  Our installation crews bring their own tools and equipment, and they will work diligently until the installation is complete and accepted by the owner.

Q: What type of warranty do you provide for the squash court?

We provide a 10-year warranty on our squash court panels, a 5-year warranty on the glass system, and a 1-year warranty on the wood floor system.  Upon completion of the court installation, we will provide copies of the warranties for your record.  If you would like to review a copy of the warranties in advance to determine what is included or excluded, you can contact us for more information.

Q. How do I maintain the court materials?

Keeping your court finishes in tip-top shape is easy and should require very little effort on your end:

  • For the squash court walls, you can use a multi-purpose cleaning solution to remove ball marks or dirt. (Note: you do want to avoid spraying any liquid cleaning solution in or at the seams of the panels.)
  • For the wood floors, you should sweep them often to remove dust since dust can make the floors slippery.
  • For the impact-resistant glass walls and windows, you can use a glass cleaner and a squeegee or soft rag to clean the glass.

We include our maintenance recommendations with each warranty but if you have any questions regarding cleaning steps to avoid, please let us know.  Our courts are basically maintenance free, but with periodic TLC, your court system will last for years!

Q: Do you work with contractors, architects, or owners?

To be honest, we work with anyone involved in the squash court project. Although we typically work directly with a general contractor or builder during the construction process, we do have projects where we are directly involved with the owner.  We are here to help you no matter your role in the process of designing or building the squash court.  If you need help with design, let us know.  If you want us to contact your builder, let us know.  If you are an end-user with a question, let us know.  We will help you through the design and installation of the court as much (or as little) as you want…that is our job!

We understand you may have many more questions about our company, our products, or squash courts in general.  We will continue to outline other frequently asked questions, but if you have a question you need assistance with now, you know who to call.

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