Make your Court Multi-Functional with an Auto Hoop® Retractable Basketball Backboard

Most private or residential courts want to find a way to get the most “bang for their buck” with their court space. You can easily do that by including the Auto Hoop® retractable basketball assembly to your squash court. By using the Auto Hoop® you eliminate a basketball assembly protruding into the squash area of play. With just the press of a button, you can go from playing squash to playing basketball! Since squash players appreciate the need for a court without intrusions, the Auto Hoop® is the best option to achieve this requirement.

Transform your court in less than 30 seconds with a retractable basketball backboard!

The Auto Hoop® was originally manufactured for exterior use on residential properties, but now there is a model for interior use – including in squash courts. Auto Hoop® teamed-up with The Court Company approximately 8 years ago as the exclusive dealer and installer of this unique product. Please contact us to discuss your project’s needs in more detail.

auto hop retractable basketball backboard

Auto Hoop (PT-10 Interior Application)

The Auto Hoop® is a one of a kind basketball assembly that is stored behind our finished squash court walls. The uniqueness of the Auto Hoop® is that it allows users, such as squash players, to install and use the Auto Hoop® in their squash court without the basketball assembly interfering with the play of the game. The court owner and player has the best of both worlds – the ability to keep all court surfaces flush while having the option to temporarily convert the space for basketball.

As a requirement to hide and store the Auto Hoop® assembly behind the squash walls, you will need a minimum wall space of 14″ high x 56″ wide and a clear framed space on the backside of the squash wall of 75″ deep. The only other requirement is a standard 110v electrical outlet. You do not need to finish out the space that houses the assembly when in the retracted position. Please contact us for specific details of the space required for the assembly.

We include everything required to install the basketball assembly: the basketball backboard, the breakaway rim and net, the Auto Hoop® mechanical/electrical apparatus, steel flush door, and the bracing for the assembly. If you give us a framed space with an electrical outlet, we’ll take it from there.